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  Present topics at WTB-Dr. J.Weiss

Status: January 2010


Innovation and Research & Development:

 1. Concepts for Improvement of corrosion resistance

 a) For large area, flexible materials

 b) For heavy corrosion in automotive industry


2. Coating of metal parts as stamps or nozzles for improvement of service life

 3. Insulation, moisture and chemical resistant coating for electronic parts

 4. Best practice in material and energy savings in production processes (DEMEA)


 Actual topics for quality and environmetal management

 1. Requirements of REACH for SMEs in the field of chemical industry and for nonchemical industry as users of chemicals:

      - definition and analysis of the requirments

      - set up of process for handling the REACH issues in such companies

      - enacting in everyday business life

 2. Search and analysis of process capability for production processes in polymer producing companies

      - Structure the requirments necessary

- which parameters have to be taken into account and how to measure or determine these

      -continuosly monitore and check these parameters

3. Application for environmental Logos: Blue Angel and 

     Nordic SWAN (Scandinavia)

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