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How we work

  • At first you receive an offer that is suited to your special task and requirements!
  • The offer is based on the requirments of the BDU (Federation of German Consultants).
  • For larger projects you will receive a monthly invoice with time frame
  • We take on defined tasks for a fixed rate of payment.
  • We work to agreement also on saturdays or sundays for the same rate.
  • Confidentiality and secrecy with regard to your know-how is the basis of WTB's existence.

You can cancel any contract at any time for whatever reason!

Your advantage: WTB works on different jobs in different industries, materials and technologies!

Our activity for you is located within the following triangle:

Know-How (our experience contributing to solving your problem)

Innovation (wherever in the power of WTB, if necessary with risk sharing)

Virtual co-operation (assumption of tasks and subjects which are not part of your main business or your field of knowledge)


Certification auditor for QM-systems to DIN EN ISO 9001;

NACE Scopes for auditing: 7 (paper), 14 (rubber and plastic goods), 15 (glass and ceramics), 17 (production of metal and metallic goods), 19 (manufacture of office machines etc., electrotechnical products, fine mechanics and optics), 34 (R&D, architecture- & engineering consultancies)

Earlier functions as salaried employee:

  • Manager R&D and Quality Management
  • Quality engineer and scientific assistant
  • Various patents, numerous publications, conference lectures and seminars
  • Expert consultant for National Bureau of Standards and Technology NIST, USA (for literature survey in the field of thermodynamics and phase diagrams)
  • Member of VDI and DGM (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde; German Association for Materials Science)