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Tasks and Projects performed by WTB Dr.J.Weiss


State: January 2010, most actual items first



Running and Past Projects in Innvoation and Quality and Environmental  Management

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project and remarks


business field

  Serial implementation of anticorrosive barrier coatings for automotive electronics according to TS 16949   Coating company, 12 employees

Coating of actuators for automotive use against moisture pick up

Subservice for a R&D company in the field of automotive R&D

Successive implementation of a Quality Management and an Environmental Management System according to ISO 9001 and 14001 up to their successful certification   Company in the field of chemical nano technology

Project Technical Assistant PTA for the European Commission
Framework Contract No G11MA-CT - 2002-80008
contract started April 2002, runs till 31.12.2006

Supervise, control and judge EU funded research projects
project coordination and controlling
European Commission, Brussels

  Consulting for planning, purchase and setup of a sputtering machine and its process installation for magnetic thin films for magnetic compliance at high frequencies   R&D service company in the filed of electronics and electric engines, 40 employees
  Recherche for optical and environmental (outdoor) stable plastic materials for water decontamination using the uv fraction of solar light   R&D service company active in the field of regenerative energy generation, 40 employees
  Improvement of flexible electronicc materials with respect to manufacturing and corrosion properties, search for suitable coatings and technologies   electronic materials company,

500 employees


  Definition of properties and applications in the field of nano powder particles, search for market applications for these nano powder particles Start up company in the field of nano technology, 30 employees
  Flexible materials for EMV shielding: a) Testing of metallized materials

b) Technical Documentation for Shielding and Thermal Insulating materials

c) Testing of flexible materials metallized with different metals for absorbance and emissivity

  Company for film and paper coating, 85 emploiyees
  Definition of process conditions for PVD web coating with different metals using various PVD methods   PVD vacuum web coating company, 15 employees


 Non Project Relatied more continuous Jobs and Tasks

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Accredited certification Auditor for QM-systems according to DIN EN ISO 9001 for DEKRA ITS Certification Systems;

NACE Scopes: 7 (paper), 14 production of rubber and plasticware), 15 (glas- and ceramics), 17 (metal production and production of metal ware), 19 (production of business machines, business computers data and equipment, electrical equipment, mechanics and optics), 34/34 R&D, architects and engineering consultants


DEKRA Certification Services, Stuttgart


External monitoring of Quality Management and Environmental Management Systems according to ISO 9001 and 14001 after certification for SMEs especially for the following topics:
Documentation (monitoring and maintenance), internal auditing (conduct and follow-up), defect evaluation, corrective and preventive action, continuous improvement, e.g. by increased efficiency, system review, statistical evaluation and deduction of corrective steps


At present 6 companies,
3 coating technologies (PVD; CVD and wet coatings), 1 computer printer parts, 1 dental technology, 1 construction


  Technical Evaluator for business plan proposals for start up businesses   2 different venture capital groups
  Referee Consultant to the Suisse Court of Commerce on a jurisdiction concerning the quality of galvanic coatings   Suisse Court of Commerce, Bern, Switzerlanda
  Project evaluation for research and demonstration projects
Project evaluator under contract no.

a) CT-EX2002 B013293-102 FP6, DG Research, Unit D3, Mobility, Marie Curie Action, Nov. 2005
b) FP-6-2002-SME-2 (D2003) 549987 for DG Research,2003 Expert Evaluator for evaluation of Horizontal research activities involving SMEs
c) G6EV-CT-2001-02314 for DG Research, 2001, Growth: evaluation for network proposals and proposals for new testing methods
d) G0EV-CT-2000-00686 for DG Research, 2000, Growth: evaluation for Marie Curie Fellowship proposals
e) 6.7151/T/98-094 for DG XVII, 1998 Joule Thermie: evaluation for demonstration project proposals for energy
  European Commission, Brussels,
Under frame work program FRP 5 and FRP 6, various General Directories of the European Commission
  3 day seminar "Testing equipment surveillance according to ISO 9001 and TS " Since 2000 1-3 times per year for TÜV Saarland
  Environmental Logos for rebuild toner and inkjet cartridges: Internal establishment of the necessary procedures, its documentation and the necessary tests Company in the field of office equipment, 120 employees

Recherche for areal electrically insulating and thermally highly conductive materials

R&D service company in the filed of electronics and electric engines, 40 employees

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Other Jobs and Tasks


  Member of a norm comitee (DIN norm comitee Ni-28) for office equipment   goal to establish international norms
  Drug master file application at FDA: Apply, up date and control documentation for DMF applications,
digitalisation of the data

paper and film converter
85 employees
  Validation of equipment and parts and their certificates for large scale equipment in international orders for 2 internationally operating validation companies
  Seminar on behaviour of electromagnetic waves on thin metal layer
Basis for decision making in market coverage and future technical investment
Paper and film coating company,
85 employees
  Seminar on new developments in the field of PVD and CVD processes and applications Technical Academy Wuppertal, annual seminar