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Curriculum Vitae


Personal data

Born October 1st 1952, married, 3 children



1959 - 1963

Primary School in Vaihingen/Enz

1963 - 1971

Friedrich-Abel-Gymnasium in Vaihingen/Enz
Final qualification: Abitur

1971 - 1972

Military Service

1972 - 1977

Study of metallurgy at the University of Stuttgart
Degree: Diplom-Ingenieur (Metallkunde)

1977 - 1980

Postgradual thesis at the University of Stuttgart
Degree: Doctor of natural sciences (Dr. rer. nat.) (PhD)


During postgraduate studies: 1-year attendance as visiting student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

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On-the-job training and work practice


Management of a 6-day seminar on structural ceramics at the Akademika Sinica in Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China

Participation in the following internal and external seminars:

  • Vacuum Technology (VDI Bildungswerk)
  • Electrostatic Discharge ESD (Technische Akademie Esslingen)
  • Refa basic course (REFA Verband) (Volkshochschule Freiburg)
  • 6 day seminar on structural ceramics at the Chinese Academy of Science, Shanghai, PR China.
  • Accounting (Volkshochschule Freiburg)
  • Strategy and situation analysis (Strategic Management and Marketing Consulting GmbH)
  • Auditing techniques (FMTÜV)
  • Data processing with Open Access II (Volkshochschule Freiburg)
  • Data processing with Windows Access (Eloquia Sprach & Computer Schule GmbH)
  • Engineer responsible for test and measuring equipment: monitoring, planning, testing, documenting.
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Professional career

1979 - 1981

Max-Planck-Institut for Metallurgical Research in Stuttgart
Scientific Assistant (limited contract)

  • Planning, conducting and documenting various public-funded research projects on optimisation of high-temperature ceramic materials.
  • Supervisor for 3 permanent employees, responsibility for visiting scientists, postgraduates and undergraduates.

1981 - 1983

Aluminiumhütte Rheinfelden (Alusuisse)
Manager of Quality Assurance (18 employees)

  • Responsible for casting and wrought ingot alloy production and a newly constructed (continuous-casting) foundry
  • Establishment and implementation of a quality-assurance system for the new foundry.

1983 - 1987

Philips Electronics, Passive Components Division
Scientific assistant in the electro-ceramics group at the Philips Research Lab. in Aachen

  • Development of ceramic multilayer capacitors with non-precious metal electrodes
  • Selection of the ceramic material and definition of the manufacturing conditions on laboratory scale

10/84 - 05/86 Collaboration in a development team at Mepco-Centralab (Philips North America), Los Angeles, USA

  • Implementation of above-mentioned findings on industrial scale.

06/86-06/87 Return to the Research Lab at Aachen and continuation of work as scientific assistant.

  • Simulation: Definition of the maximal volume capacitance for optimisation of the dielectric ceramic layer thickness for a given rated voltage

07/87 - 12/87 Scientific Assistant at Elcoma, Philips BV, Eindhoven

  • Study: Influence of processing methods on the dielectric ceramic-layer thickness in ceramic multilayer capacitors



Renker GmbH & Co KG, Freiburg
Manager R&D and Quality management with power of attorney (8 employees), since 05/95 also Quality Engineer.

  • Initiation, planning, execution and assessment of development project and work on product modification for large-surface coating of flexible materials such as film, paper, fabric and fleece by physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating and lamination methods
  • Monitoring of production in accordance with quality standards
  • Definition of quality criteria
  • Project management: creation and organisation of a quality management system to DIN ISO 9001 and its certification by the RWTÜV.
  • Maintenance of QM system (audits, corrective and preventive measures, training)

Since summer 96

  • Self employed as an engineering consultant for material technology, quality and environmental management
  • Foundation of engineering consultancy (see project list)
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Specific Knowledge


  • English fluent in speech and writing
  • French and Dutch: good basic knowledge


  • Good user knowledge of standard office software and data bases
  • Knowledge of programming in Fortran


  • Various patents and patent applications
  • Numerous publications in the scientific and technological fields studied.


  • VDI (Association of German Engineers),
  • DGM (German Association for Materials Science),
  • Member of the comitee on thin films,
  • Member of the TÜV
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  • Honorary collaboration in the Review Commitee for Phase Diagrams of the NIST (National Bureau of Standards and Technology), Washington DC